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Balling and Metzler Service Awards

Many organizations grant awards for service. In The Augustan Society, these awards have been named for two of our outstanding members, Cdr. George R. Balling and Dame Evelyn J.T. Metzler.

The Balling Award is granted annually to the member who has made the greatest contribution to the Society in the previous year. Consideration is given to points earned within the Fellowship program, but other matters may be considered as well. Thus the award is not automatic, and may not be granted every year.

A member who has been granted the Balling Award five times, and is again felt to have made the largest contribution, is instead granted the Metzler Award, and is ineligible for both awards thereafter. To date, only one person — Dame Evelyn herself — has been granted this award.

Neither award was granted from 2003 to 2006 due to the general inactivity of the Society. From 2007 thorough 2013, these awards were made part of the Fellowship program, but no grants were awarded during that period. The Board decided to resume granting these awards beginning in 2014.

George R. Balling Award

The George R. Balling Award has been awarded twenty times (and to thirteen individuals) since it's creation in 1989:

2023 Marta Metcalf, FAS
2022 Rev. Dr. Christian Boyd
2021 Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE (2nd)
2020 Dustin Ashley, FAS
2019 Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE
2017 Marlyn Lewis, FAS
2016 Arthur Germond, FAS †
2015 Joseph Uphoff
2014 Dr. Hans von Leden †
2003 Robert L. Cleve † (3rd)
2002 Robert L. Stimmel
1998 Robert L. Cleve † (2nd)
1997 Robert L. Cleve †
1995 Evelyn J. T. Metzler † (5th)
1994 Evelyn J. T. Metzler † (4th)
1993 Evelyn J. T. Metzler † (3rd)
1992 Evelyn J. T. Metzler † (2nd)
1992 Wilson Van Dusen †
1989 Evelyn J. T. Metzler †
1989 George R. Balling †

† deceased

Cdr. George R. Balling, FAS

Cdr. George R. Balling, FAS

Balling Arms

Evelyn J.T. Metzler Award

Members whose contributions earn them five grants of the Balling Award are then eligible for the Evelyn J.T. Metzler Award. To date, this award has only been granted once, to its namesake:

1998 Evelyn J.T. Metzler †

† deceased

Evelyn J. T. Metzler, OAE

Evelyn J.T. Metzler, OAE, 1913–2004

Metzler (Ludlow) Arms

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