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Members of the Noble Company of the Rose

The members of the Noble Company of the Rose are:

  • Magister Rosae Bruce A. Metcalf, ECR
  • Lieutenant Magister Rosae Baroness Jessica K. Hartwell, DCR
  • Luc P. Quinson, MRE
  • Jeffrey Mickelson, MRE*
  • His Majesty, Simeon, King of the Bulgarians, KCR/hon
  • Her Majesty, Margareta, Queen of the Bulgarians, DCR/hon
  • Her Serene Highness, Crista, Princess zur Lippe, DCR/hon
  • Cdr. Pierre J. Ringwald, KCR*
  • Rev. Dom Julian von Duerbeck, KCR*
  • Dr. Joe C. Rudé, KCR
  • Maj. Gen. Oliver L. Peacock, Jr., KCR
  • Dr. Duke Nordlinger Stern, KCR
  • Charles Bryant-Abraham, KCR
  • Rebecca A.K. Stern, DCR
  • Duncan Ely, KCR

* Life Member

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