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Augustan Library Committee

The duties of the Library Committee are: to catalog the collection; to acquire new books and periodicals to meet the needs of member researchers; to remove books from the collection that are no longer current or relevant; to develop the classification system for the collection; to assist researchers, often with photocopies and surveys; and to attend to the not insubstantial physical demands of keeping the collection safe and orderly.

The Library is now open to visiting scholars by appointment, with the understanding that the facilities are presently somewhat spartan. Local volunteers to help with the cataloging and organization would be welcomed.

Most books are available for mail loan to members. This is presently a pilot program so please contact Headquarters for details.

The Cataloging Project is funded by a generous grant from an anonymous member, to whom we owe our thanks.

The "Buy-A-Box" Program is used to fund the purchase of shelving and other library equipment. Your support for it is essential to providing a home for our collection.

Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE

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