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List of Orders of Chivalry, Organizations of a Chivalric Nature, and Honors Recognized by The Augustan Society

This document lists those Orders of Chivalry, Organizations of a Chivalric Nature, and Honors that The Augustan Society recognizes. The absence from this list is not a statement that the Order, Organization, or Honor has been declared unworthy in any way, nor is inclusion on the list a formal endorsement. Amendments to this list will be considered whenever circumstances warrant.

The listing which follows is divided into categories based on governance and nature, and within those categories, they are alphabetized into national and dynastic subdivisions, as needed. The resulting lists, therefore, contain organizations that vary significantly in nature and antiquity, as well as prestige, and no comparisons among these characteristics should be inferred from the locations on the list.

Most links on this list connect to the official sites of the House or Order; these pages are outside this website and are not maintained by The Augustan Society. Links to “articles” go to our Online Store where material on the respective House or Order is available for purchase.

Click here to download a petition form for an order, confraternity, or organization to be considered and listed by the Augustan Society.

The Orders are grouped into six categories:


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