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Communications Committee

This group was previously known as the Publications Committee, but given that our communications are no longer restricted to printed materials, it seemed apt to update the name to reflect twenty-first century realities.

The Committee is responsible for all publications of The Augustan Society, which presently include:

The Communications Committee Staff includes:

Acting Editor-in-Chief (Chairman):
Rod Fleck, FAS
The Augustan Omnibus Editor: Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE
Augustæum Editor: Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE
The Augustan Society Roll of Arms: vacant
Books Editor: Luke Ironside
Ancestry of King Charles III, Editor: Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE
Augustan Lineages: Descents from Scotland, Editor: Lee Dorland, FAS
Guide to Orders of Chivalry, Editor: Nicholas Hoffmann, FAS
Vigil: A Knight's Training Program, Editor: Baroness Jessica K. Hartwell, OAE, LMR
Webmaster: Rev. Dr. Christian Boyd
Postmaster: Rev. Dr. Christian Boyd
Store Webmaster: Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE
Library Webmaster: Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE
Wiki Webmaster: Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE (expiring in August)
Video Services:
Acting Video Production Chair.: William "Rod" Fleck, FAS
Social Media:
Acting Chairman: William "Rod" Fleck, FAS

Previous and discontinued publications of The Augustan Society include:

All of the above have been included into The Augustan Omnibus.

Other publications available from The Augustan Society include:

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