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The Noble Company of the Rose


The Noble Company of the Rose exists to foster the true ideals of chivalry. Members fulfill their duties to their fellow men through an active practice of the Code of Chivalry and by individual and concerted charitable activities.

Note: This group is not an order of chivalry, nor should any claim to such be countenanced.


  • Magister Rosae: Bruce A. Metcalf
  • Lieutenant Magister Rosae: Baroness Jessica Hartwell

  • Rose Acting Receiver General: Marta Metcalf, FAS

The Charter and Rule of the Company


Admission to the Noble Company is restricted to members of The Augustan Society who have registered their arms with the Society, are a member with the rank of knight in a recognized Order of Chivalry, the Society of the Cincinnati, or the Order of the Augustan Eagle.

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