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Communications are not, and should not be, one-way. One of the primary purpose of this "association of scholars" is to bring members together to discuss matters of common interest.

With luck, these conversations will lead to slightly more formal Study Groups, and these in turn to articles, books, and web pages. Or just to greater personal understanding of the issues.

To this end, there are two sections in the part of the web site:

Augustan News

This section contains reports of activities, month by month. While most will be posted by Headquarters Staff, this section is open to any officer, committee, Study Group, or subsidiary with a (brief) story to tell. Long stories can be posted elsewhere with a link here.

Please send your news to the Webmaster.

The Forum

The Forum is a new function made possible by our new web site software. It's a place for discussion of all things Augustan. Questions, achievements, links to other sites, it's all good.

Some things cannot be posted here: political statements, spam, threats, abuse, and efforts to sell anything not related to the Society. This last means you can sell your old history books, but not last year's bestsellers.

To ensure things stay polite, all messages will be moderated, that is to say, read to make sure its on topic. This will result in slight delays in posting, usually less than a day. We will try to put on enough moderators that this won't signficantly slow the conversations.



This page maintained by the Webmaster in consultation with Headquarters Staff. Last modified on 15 May 2022.