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Society of Descendants of Hispania

Applicants must submit a proven and unbroken lineage from a Spanish family who lived in Spain for a minimum of three generations, or from a Spanish king.

The entry fee is $100 for Royal or Hereditary class, or $50 for converting from Hereditary to Royal class later; plus a Genealogist Fee of $4/generation for each lineage submitted, including corrections and extensions. A credit will be granted for portions of well-accepted lineages documented in Wikipedia or previously approved by the Society.

The arms of the SDH are pending, but will likely be the shield of The Augustan Society with an inescutcheon representing Hispania. The insignia consists of a lapel pin with the design from the inescutcheon. A membership certificate is also given to each member.

The Spanish-American Genealogist was long the designated Official Publication of the Spanish Research Committee which preceded this group. It may well be that it will be resurrected with the support of the members of the SDH. Today, The Augustan Omnibus serves this role.

For additional information or to request a petition for membership, please contact Headquarters.

Maj. José Sánchez, FAS

Download and complete a petition form for membership.



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