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Augustan News Page

The purpose of this page is to share news of the Society and its members. Submissions may be sent to the Webmaster for inclusion. Older items will be deleted to make room for new.

May 2022

  • Library cataloging reaches 6,000 items. This may not sound like much, but with it taking up to half an hour per book, it shows a great deal of time devoted. Time that has also been consumed making three moves between different storage units, culminating with all books being in a single room today.

April 2022

  • Back from their cruise, Headquarters Staff focused on catching up on everything they couldn't do while at sea since the first of the year.
  • Cataloging continues at the Library storage facility, and is greatly speeded by the installation of a computer with Internet access.

March 2022

  • The second half of March and first half of April saw Headquarters Staff sail away on the last dregs of the World Cruise they tried to begin in January. The cruise evelolved from a World Cruise to Pacific Rim to Panama Canal transits to sailing up the Amazon to Manaus, finally ending up with a trip around the Gulf and Caribbean, visiting whatever ports the pandemic had left open. Maybe next year; we laready have tickets!

February 2022

  • Headquarters staff busied themselves with upgrades to the new web site, and addressing a final renewal notice to the members who failed to renew by the end of 2021.

January 2022

  • The new web site has gone live. Things are organized differently, and most pages have simply been copied from the old site. However, you'll already find a few new things, some things refreshed, with many more planned for the coming months. Volunteers to help would (as ever) be welcomed.

December 2021

  • Capitulo Noble de Fernando VI was recognized as a Nobiliary Bodies, Noble Corporations, and Chivalric Confraternities of Knights.
  • Robert Reeves Turbyfill Jr. was recognized as a Knight Commander (KC*HS) in the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.
  • Nicholas Hoffmann, FAS, was appointed Assistant Augustæum Editor. He will be responsible for printing and distribution when Augustæum Editor Bruce Metcalf is away.
  • Nicholas Hoffmann, FAS, was appointed Editor of The Augustan Omnibus for issue #136. He will be responsible for editing, printing, and distribution of this issue.
  • Headquarters closed until 23 January 2022 due to staff travels. The Society can still be reached by email or phone, but mail cannot be received until staff's return.

November 2021

  • Aaron Harburg was admitted to the Society upon the recommendation of Luke DeWeese.
  • Phillip Campbell III was admitted to the Society upon the recommendation of Luke DeWeese.

October 2021

  • Brady Brim-DeForest, Baron of Balvaird, FAS, and Edward “Pat” Lowinger, FAS, were promoted to Fellows, Fourth Class, in recognition of their contributions to the Society.
  • Library cataloging has reached a milestone this month with 6000 items cataloged, or about 20% of the collection. No small task given the small number of volunteers available.
  • Luke DeWeese was named Omnibus Assistant Editor by the Omnibus Editor.



This page maintained by the Webmaster based on input from members and officers. Last modified on 11 May 2022.