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Philatelic Study Group

The Philatelic Study Group is the place for Augustans to discuss stamps and to deal with the Society's large collection.

These stamps are used both for the study thereof directly, and photographs of same may be used to illustrate Society publications. To this end, a topical collections that display images of various Augustan topics are needed.

The collection as a whole is a combination of several individuals’ donated collections, plus some deliberate work to collect topical stamps. These need to be organized into the following topical collections:

  • A comprehensive international collection
  • Castles on Stamps
  • Chivalry on Stamps
  • Flags on Stamps
  • Heraldry on Stamps
  • Medals and Insignia on Stamps
  • Royalty on Stamps
  • Possibly others at the discretion of the Study Group

This list is likely to change once an initial survey of the collection can be conducted.

Sales of surplux stamps or collections will be used to fund the expenses of the Study Group such as the purchase of albums, hinges, and other tools. If enough revenue is generated, it may also be used to purchase additions to the collections.

While physical work on the collection must be done in person, likely by the Coordinator, support and assistance can be provided online, or perhaps by mail. Contact the Coordinator if you're interested.



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