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Help Wanted

The number of projects the Society has undertaken over the years is very large. Each must be led by a volunteer. At times, volunteers are obliged to drop their involvement, and a project goes dormant. We retain these projects, and restart them once a new volunteer appears.

This page lists projects that either need a Chairman or Coordinator, or which need additional help. Not all active projects are listed, as some Chairmen feel they have sufficient help, or there is some reason why the project cannot be expanded.

For information about any of these posts, or to volunteer, please contact Headquarters.


  • Editor for Vigil: A Knights Training Program — This book is meant to serve as a guide to the postulant or new knight or dame to the peculiar institution of knighthood in the modern age. Based on a text by former Magister Rosae Wilson Van Dusen, MRE, it is hoped to expand it to include specific information on those Orders willing to consider new members from the general public.


  • Genealogy Vice-Chairman for Lineages — You would be in charge of a program to certify lineages for members and others petitioning for membership in lineage societies, or simply to get outside confirmation of the quality of their own work. Additional activities might include providing research assistance and developing publishable standards for lineages.
  • Genealogy Committee members — You would assist the Genealogy Committee by reviewing and approvign lineages submitted to qualify for the Society's lineage groups. Competence in genealogy needed.
  • Lineage Standard Project — You would be responsible for contacting a variety of lineage societies and determining their requirements for lineages submitted. Compiling from this a specification for same, you would work with Society technical staff to implement an enhancement or plug-in to permit the generation of compliant lineages from GEDCOM data.


  • Assistant Editors, Roll Translations — You would create or otherwise obtain English translations for blazons already registered with the Society. This is a temporary position, though not a brief one. Editors for each language are desired.
  • Heraldic Artists — You would create emblazonments from blazons for arms registration, the Rolls of Arms, and the Online Armorial; and to devise and iluminate logos for Society sub-groups. You would work with our existing Artist to take advantage of different skills and time available. Submissions (and preferrably, original work) need to be done digitally.
  • Vice Justiciars, various jurisdictions — You would serve as a member of the Heraldry Committee, ruling on the registration of arms, and providing special knowledge of your chosen jurisdiction. At present, we have vacancies for Vice Justiciars for German, Irish, South African, and Spanish Heraldry, and there is room for other jurisdictions not presently covered.


  • History Committee members — You would work with this committee to direct and oversee all historical programs of the Society, and to solicit articles for the Omnibus and books for the Library on ancient and medieval history. As this area has been inactive, you would have the opportunity to help define and develop all history-related programs.

Study Groups:

  • Philatelic Study Group — You would be responsible for orgnaizing our huge stamp collection, developing topical collections on heraldry, flags, monarchs, and other subjects of interest, and selling surplus materials. Ideally, work would to be done at or near Headquarters. It's possible for the material to be shipped if there are two volunteers in the same area.
  • Photo Collection Study Group — The Society has a large collection of photographs of our history, members, and headquarters. You would download scans of these photos, clean them up, crop them, de-duplicate, and organize them. You would then work with senior members to identify the individuals, dates, and places.
  • Royalty Study Group — You would develop and keep current a list of royalty worldwide. This would build on the list of extant fons honorum, but would identify contemporatry individuals, and perhaps heirs apparent and senior nobility.


  • Editor-in-Chief — You would be in charge of all communications projects, including periodicals, books, websites, and others. Largely supervisory in nature, you would allocate human and financial resources as seem fit.
  • Omnibus Editors — You would be responsible for all work involved with The Augustan Omnibus to prepare articles for publication. Duties may be expanded to include formatting for prining. Duties may be further expanded to take responsibility for printing and distribution. Authority to appoint a staff comes with.
  • Omnibus Review Editor — You would either write or delegate reviews of books collected for the Library. Some books would be drop-shipped, others sent out from Headquarters; all would need to be returned. You would also be invited to recommend book purchases.
  • Omnibus Memoriam Writer — You would with the Omnibus Editor to create advanced versions of obituaries for senior members of the Society and select members of royalty/nobility. Some digital research might be involved to notate a list of an individual's performed charitable works, accomplishments, and honors awarded.
  • Book Editor --- You would supervise the solicitation, editing, and production of books by Augustans in cooperation with the Production Editor, determining priorities and working with the Marketing Committee.
  • Book Editors — You would adopt one of the book proposals and edit that title, working with the Books Editor, Production Editor, and the Marketing Committee.
  • Assistant Webmaster for Wiki — You would take responsibility for the Staff Wiki on our server, making updates and being responsible for maintenance and assisting officers of the Society in making updates (which could range from proofreading to formatting to writing the material for them). Familiarity with WikiMedia is needed. Note: The Wiki presently has over 700 pages.


  • Library Committee Chairman — You would provide direction and oversight to Library programs, including accessions, the classification system, cataloging, and deaccessions. You need not be located near Headquarters for this role, but it would be advatageous if you could make occasional visits.a
  • Library Accessions Chairam — You would work with the Librarian to create lists of desired titles to add to the collection, and to obtain same within the limits of the budget, giving due deference to recommendations of the various Committees and Study Groups.
  • Library Deaccession and Sales — You would work with the Librarian to determine which items in the collection are surplus or inappropriate, and organize their sale to support additional acquisitions.


  • Legal Committee Member — Florida bar members particularly needed.
  • Candidates for election to the Board of Directors — Contact the Nominating Committee Chairman or Headquarters to volunteer. You need not wait for the annual election cycle or an invitation.

For more information about any of these positions, or to volunteer, please contact Headquarters or the President; we would be delighted to tell you more about them.


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