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Recognized Descendants of William I

  1. WILLIAM1 OF NORMANDY, later King of England, was born Aug. 1027 in Falaise, Calvados, France, and died 9 Sep. 1087 in Rouen, France. He married c.1050 MATILDA OF FLANDERS. She was born c.1032, and died 2 Nov. 1083 in Caen, Normandy.

    Children of WILLIAM I and MATILDA FLANDERS are:
    1. ROBERT2, “Curthose,” Duke of Normandy, 1087–1106, b. c.1053; d. 15 Feb. 1135, Cardiff Castle; m. 1100 SYBILLA OF CONVERSANO; d. 1103, Rouen, France. No surviving issue.
    2. RICHARD, Duke of Bernay. b. c.1054; d. c.1075. Gored by a stag in the New Forest. No known issue.
    3. WILLIAM II Rufus, King of England, 1087–1100. b. c.1056; d. 2 Aug. 1100. Murdered in the New Forest. No known issue.
    4. [2] HENRY I, b. 1068, Selby, Yorkshire; d. 1 Dec. 1135, St. Denis le Fermont, Rouen, France.
    5. CECILIA, Abbess of Caen b. c.1054; d. 3 July 1126.
    6. ADELIZA, b. c.1055; d. 1066.
    7. CONSTANCE, b. c.1057; d. 13 Aug. 1090; m. c.1086 ALAN IV FERGANT, Duke of Brittany; d. 1119.
    8. ADELA, b. c.1062; d. 1137; m. 1080 STEPHEN OF BLOIS, Count of Blois. d. 19 May 1102. Killed during the seige of Ramula in the Holy Land. Issue.
    9. AGATHA, b. c.1064; d. Bef. 1074. Married Alphonso VI, King of Galicia and Leon by proxy. Marriage never consummated.
    10. MATILDA, b. Bef. 1112.

  2. HENRY2 I “Beauclerc”, King of England (WILLIAM1 I) was born 1068 in Selby, Yorkshire, and died 1 Dec. 1135 of an intestinal infection in St. Denis le Fermont, Rouen, France. He married (1) 11 Nov. 1100 in Westminster Abbey, MATILDA OF SCOTLAND. She was born c.1080, and died 1 May 1118 in Westminster, London. He married (2) 29 Jan. 1121 ADELIZA OF LOUVAIN. She was born 1103, and died Mar. 1151 in Affigem Abbey, Brabant. He also had children by many mistresses.

    Children of HENRY and MATILDA SCOTLAND are:
    1. WILLIAM3 Duke of Normandy, b. 5 Aug. 1103; d. 25 Nov. 1120. Drowned in the White Ship; m. MATILDA OF ANJOU; b. c.1107; d. 1154, Fontevrault Abbey.
    2. RICHARD OF NORMANDY, d. 25 Nov. 1120. Drowned in the White Ship.
    3. EUPHEMIA, b. c.Aug. 1101, died young.
    4. [3] ADELAIDE, aka MATILDA, b. Feb. 1102, Winchester, London; d. 10 Sep. 1167, Notre Dame, Rouen, France.

    Illegitimate children of HENRY I include:
    1. ROBERT3 FITZROY, Earl of Gloucester, b. c.1090 by Sybilla Corbet; d. 1147; m. MABEL FITZHAMON; d. 1157. Issue.
    2. REGINALD OF DUNSTANVILLE, Earl of Cornwall, b. c.1110 by Sybilla Corbet; d. 1175; m. BEATRICE FITZRICHARD. Issue.
    3. WILLIAM, b. 1105 by Sybilla Corbet, d. Aft. 1187; m. ALICE.
    4. SYBILLA, b. c.1092 by Sybilla Corbet, Domfront; d. July 1122, Loch Tay, Perthshire; m. c.1107 ALEXANDER I, King of Scotland; b. 1077; d. 1124, Stirling Castle.
    5. GUNDRADA, by Sybilla Corbet, living 1130.
    6. ROHESE, by Sybilla Corbet; d. Aft. 1176; m. 1124 HENRY DE POMERAI, d. c.1167.
    7. RICHARD OF LINCOLN, by Ansfrida, d. 25 Nov 1120. Drowned on the White Ship.
    8. FULK, b. Bef. 1100. by Ansfrida, probably died young.
    9. JULIANA, b. c.1090 by Ansfrida; d. Aft. 1136; m. EUSTACE OF BRETEUIL, Lord of Pacy; d. 1136.
    10. HENRY FITZHENRY, b. c.1105 by Nesta of Deheubarth; d. 1157.
    11. ROBERT FITZEDITH, Baron of Okehampton, by Edith of Greystoke d. 1172; m. MATILDA OF AVRANCHES.
    12. ISABELLA, by Isabella de Beaumont-le Roger, d. 1120.
    13. MATILDA, b. c.1090 by Edith Unknown; d. 25 Nov. 1120. Drowned in the White Ship; m. ROTROU II; Count of Perche, d. 1144. Issue.
    14. WILLIAM DE TRACY, by a daughter of Sturgis de Tracy, d. 1136. Descendants among the Sudeleys and Tracys of Toddington.
    15. GILBERT, b. 1130 by an unknown mistress; d. 1142.
    16. MATILDA, by an unknown mistress, m. CONAN III, Duke of Brittany; d. 1148. Issue.
    17. CONSTANCE, by unknown mistress. m. RICHARD, Viscount of Beaumont-le-Maine. Issue.
    18. EUSTACIA, by unknown mistress, m. WILLIAM III GOUET, Lord of Montmirail.
    19. ALICE, by an unknown mistress, m. MATTHEW DE MONTMORENCI, Constable of France. Issue.
    20. MATILDA. Abbess of Montvilliers, by unknown mistress.
    21. JOAN ELIZABETH, by unknown mistress, m. FERGUS OF GALLOWAY. Issue.
    22. EMMA, by unknown mistress, m. GUY DE LAVAL. Issue.
    23. SYBILLA OF FALAISE, by an unknown mistress, m. BALDWIN OF BOULLERS.

  3. MATILDA3 (HENRY2 I, WILLIAM1 I) was born Feb 1102 in Winchester, London, and died 10 Sep. 1167 in Notre Dame, Rouen, France. She married (1) 7 Jan. 1114, HENRY V Emperor of Germany. He died 1125. She married (2) 3 Apr. 1128 in Le Mans Cathedral, Anjou GEOFFREY V PLANTAGENET Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy. He was born 24 Aug. 1113, and died 7 Sep. 1151 in Chateau du Loire, France.

    1. [4] HENRY4 II PLANTAGENET, b. 5 Mar. 1133, Le Mans, Anjou; d. 6 July 1189, Chinon Castle, France.
    2. GEOFFREY PLANTAGENET, Count of Nantes, b. 1 June 1134; d. 26 July 1158, Nantes, Brittany.
    3. WILLIAM PLANTAGENET, Count of Poitou, b. c.Aug. 1136; d. 30 Jan. 1164, Rouen, France.

  4. HENRY4 II PLANTAGENET “Curtmantle”, Count of Touraine and Maine, Duke of Normandy, Count of Anjou, King of England (MATILDA3, HENRY2 I, WILLIAM1 I) was born 5 Mar. 1133 in Le Mans, Anjou, and died 6 July 1189 in Chinon Castle, France. He married (1) 18 May 1152 in Poitiers Cathetral, Poitou, ELEANOR OF AQUITAINE. She was born c.1120 in Poitiers, and died 1 Apr. 1204 in Fontevrault Abbey. He also had children by several mistresses.

    1. WILLIAM5 PLANTAGENET, Count of Poitiers b. 17 Aug. 1153; d. c.Apr. 1156, Wallingford Castle, Berkshire.
    2. [5] HENRY PLANTAGENET, b. 28 Feb. 1155, Bermondsey Palace, Surrey; d. 11 June 1183, Martel, Quercy, France.
    3. RICHARD I PLANTAGENET, “Coeur de Lion”, Duke of Aquitaine, King of England, b. 8 Sep. 1157, Beaumont Palace, Oxford; d. 6 Apr. 1199, Chalus, France, from an arrow wound at the siege of Chalus.; m. 12 May 1191, Lmassol, Cyprus, BERENGARIA OF NAVARRE; b. c.1165. No known issue.
    4. [6] GEOFFREY PLANTAGENET, b. 23 Sep. 1158; d. 19 Aug. 1186, Paris, France.
    5. [7] JOHN PLANTAGENET, b. 24 Dec. 1166, Beaumont Palace, Oxford; d. 19 Oct. 1216, Newark Castle, Lincolnshire.
    6. MATILDA PLANTAGENET, b. June 1156; d. 28 June 1189, Brunswick, Germany; m. 1 Feb. 1168, Brunswick Cathedral, Germany, HENRY V, "The Lion," Duke of Saxony and Bavaria, b. 1129; d. 1195. Issue.
    7. ELEANOR PLANTAGENET, b. 13 Oct. 1161, Domfront Castle, Normandy; d. 31 Oct. 1214, Burgos Castle, Spain; m. Sep. 1177, Burgos Cathedral, Castile, Spain, ALPHONSE VIII, King of Castile; b. 1156; d. 1214. Issue.
    8. [8] JOAN PLANTAGENET, b. Oct. 1165; d. 4 Sep. 1199.

    Illegitimate children of HENRY II include:
    1. GEOFFREY5 Archbishop of York by Rosamond Clifford, d. 1212.
    2. WILLIAM LONGESPEE Earl of Salisbury, b. Bef. 1170 by Rosamond Clifford; d. 1226; m. ELLA FITZPATRICK; b. c.1196; d. 1261. She later became Abbess of Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire. Issue.
    3. PETER, by Rosamond Clifford.
    4. MORGAN. Provost of Beverly, Yorkshire, by Nesta.
    5. MATILDA, Abbess of Barking, Essex by Alice de Poehoet, d. Bef. 1202.
    6. HUGH OF WELLS, Bishop of Lincoln, by Alice de Poehoet, d. 1235.

  5. HENRY5 PLANTAGENET (HENRY4 II, MATILDA3, HENRY2 I, WILLIAM1 I) was born 28 Feb. 1155 in Bermondsey Palace, Surrey, and died 11 June 1183 in Martel, Quercy, France. Crowned King in 1170, in the lifetime of his father. He married 2 Nov. 1160 MARGARET OF FRANCE. She was born 1158, and died 1197 in Acre, Palestine.

    1. WILLIAM6 OF ENGLAND, b. 19 June 1177; d. 22 June 1177, Paris.

  6. GEOFFREY5 PLANTAGENET Earl of Richmond, Duke of Brittany. (HENRY4 II, MATILDA3, HENRY2 I, WILLIAM1 I) was born 23 Sep. 1158, and died 19 Aug. 1186 in Paris, France after injuries sustained in a tournament. He married July 1181 CONSTANCE OF BRITTANY. She was born c.1160, and died 5 Sep. 1201 in Nantes, Brittany.

    1. ARTHUR6 PLANTAGENET, Count of Brittany. b. 29 Mar. 1187, Nantes, Brittany; d. 3 Apr. 1203. Murdered by his uncle John.
    2. ELEANOR PLANTAGENET, Countess of Richmond. b. 1184; d. 10 Aug. 1241, Bristol Castle. She was probably murdered.
    3. MATILDA PLANTAGENET, d. 1185 as an infant.

  7. JOHN5 PLANTAGENET, “Lackland”, Count of Mortain, King of England, (HENRY4 II, MATILDA3, HENRY2 I, WILLIAM1 I) was born 24 Dec. 1166 in Beaumont Palace, Oxford, and died 19 Oct. 1216 in Newark Castle, Lincolnshire. He married (1) 29 Aug. 1189 in Marlborough Castle, Wiltshire, ISABELLA OF GLOUCESTER. She was born Bef. 1176, and died 1217. He married (2) 24 Aug. 1200 in Bordeaux Cathedral, Gascony, ISABELLA OF ANGOULEME. She was born 1187, and died 31 May 1246. He also had children by several mistresses.

    1. HENRY III6 PLANTAGENET, King of England, b. 1 Oct. 1207, Winchester Castle, Hampshire; d. 16 Nov. 1272, Palace of Westminster; m. 14 Jan. 1236 ELEANOR OF PROVENCE; b. c.1220, Aix-en-Province; d. 25 June 1291, Amesbury Abbey. Issue.
    2. RICHARD PLANTAGENET, Count of Poitou, Earl of Cornwall, King of the Romans. b. 5 Jan. 1209, Winchester Castle, Hampshire; d. 2 Apr. 1272, Berkhamstead Castle, Hertfordshire; m. (1) Mar. 1231, Fawley Church, Buckinghamshire, ISABELLA MARSHALL; b. 9 Oct. 1200, Pembroke Castle, Wales; d. Jan. 1240, Berkhamstead Castle, Hertfordshire; m. (2) , 23 Nov. 1243, Westminster Abbey; SANCHIA OF PROVENCE b. c.1225, Aix-en-Province; d. 5 Nov. 1261, Berkhamstead Castle, Hertfordshire; m. (3) 16 Jun. 1269, Stiftkirche, Kaiserslauten, Germany, BEATRICE OF FALKENBURG,; b. c.1253, Falkenburg Castle; d. 17 Oct. 1277. Although he had issue, they apparently did not leave descendants.
    3. JOAN PLANTAGENET, b. 22 July 1210; d. Mar. 1238, Havering-atte-Bower, Essex; m. June 1221, York Minster, ALEXANDER II, King of Scotland; b. 24 Aug. 1198, Haddington, East Lothian; d. 6 July 1249, Isle of Kerrara, Oban.
    4. ISABELLA PLANTAGENET, b. 1214; d. 6 Dec. 1241, Foggia, near Naples, Italy; m. 20 July 1235, Worms Cathedral, Germany, FREDERICK II, King of Sicily, Emperor of Germany; b. 26 Dec. 1194; d. 13 Dec. 1250. Left Issue in Germany.
    5. ELEANOR PLANTAGENET, b. 1215; d. 13 Apr. 1275, Montargis Abbey, France; m. (1) WILLIAM MARSHALL, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, 23 Apr. 1224; b. c.1190; d. 1231; m. (2) SIMON DE MONTFORT, Earl of Leicester 7 Jan. 1238, King's Chapel, Westminster; b. 1208; d. 1265. Killed at the Battle of Evesham. There were surviving issue through son Guy de Montfort.

    Illegitimate children of King John include:
    1. RICHARD6 FITZJOHN, of Dover, Baron of Chilham, Kent, by Suzanne de Warren, d. c.1253; m. ROHESE; d. Bef. 1232. Issue.
    2. JOAN, b. c.1191 by Clementina Pinel; d. 1237; m. 1205, LLYWELYN AP IOWERTH, “The Great”, Prince of Wales; b. 1173; d. 11 Apr. 1240. Issue.
    3. OLIVER DE TRACY, by Hawise de Tracy. Died 1290.

  8. JOAN5 PLANTAGENET, (HENRY4 II, MATILDA3, HENRY2 I, WILLIAM1 I) was born Oct. 1165, and died 4 Sep. 1199. She married (1) WILLIAM II King of Sicily 13 Feb. 1177. He was born 1154, and died 1189. She married (2) RAYMOND VI Count of Toulouse Oct. 1196. He was born 1156, and died 1222.

    1. BOHEMOND6, Duke of Apulia, b. 1181; d. 1181.

Recognized Companions of William the Conqueror

The list of companions of William the Conqueror recognized by the Augustan Society for the purpose of membership in the Society of Descendants of the Conquest in the Companion class is that given in Leslie G. Pine’s Sons of the Conqueror, published by Charles Tuttle Co., 1973, pp.155–157 (38 names), and one additional given in the same volume in Note 40, p.255. Twenty of these are also given in The Complete Peerage, Vol. XII, postscript to Appendix L (regarding the 1066 Battle of Hastings), “Companions of the Conqueror”, pp.47–48. The possible qualifying ancestors actually number fewer than 39, however, for only about a dozen have surviving descents.

In the following list the abbreviation <KD> means the companion has known descendants and <AR> means descent is given in Weis, Ancestral Roots.

Those recognized are:

  1. Robert de Beaumont, later Earl of Leicester. <KD> <AR>
  2. Eustace of Boulogne, who married Godgifu, sister of King Edward the Confessor. <KD> <AR>
  3. William of Evreaux, great-grandson of Richard I of Normandy.
  4. Geoffrey of Mortagne, afterwards Count of Perche, whose line later became extinct.
  5. William FitzOsbern, 1st Earl of Hereford. This line became extinct in the 14th Century.
  6. Aimery, IV Vicomte of Thouars. <KD> <AR>
  7. Hugh de Montfort. The male line extinct, but descendants of his daughter, Alice, exist. <KD> <AR>
  8. Walter Giffard, Lord of Longueville. <KD> <AR>
  9. Ralf de Toeni, Lord of Conches. His heiress married Guy de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick. From a descendant, Robert de Stafford, descended the Barons Stafford and the Gresleys of Drakelowe. <KD> <AR>
  10. Hugh de Grandmesnil, whose eldest son Robert succeeded to the Norman honor of Grandmesnil, which ultimately descended to the Earls of Leicester <KD> <AR>
  11. William de Warrenne. His grandson William, 3rd Earl Warren, left an heiress from whom descended the later family of Warrene, Earls of Surrey. <KD> <AR>
  12. William Malet, from whom descend the Malet baronets and the Mallets, formerly of Ash. This may be the only Companion of the Conqueror from whom male lines exist. <KD> <AR>
  13. Turstin FitzRou, who appears to have died without issue.
  14. Engenulf de Laigle, killed at Hastings. His son was Gilbert de Aquila.
  15. Odo, Bishop of Bayeux, later Earl of Kent, brother of the half-blood to William. He left illegitimate issue in France. <KD>
  16. Wadard, known to be present in William's army and was probably at Hastings.
  17. Vitalis known to be present in William's army and was probably at Hastings.
  18. Geoffrey, Bishop of Coutances, known to be present in William's army and was probably at Hastings.
  19. Tallifer.
  20. Pontivi nobilies Haeres.
  21. Gulbert d'Auffay, a kinsman of the Conqueror, known to be present in William's army and was probably at Hastings.
  22. Robert de Voitot.
  23. Roger, son of Turold. Died in Hastings campaign.
  24. Gerelmus of Panilleuse. Died at Hastings.
  25. Erchembald, son of Vicomte Erchembald.
  26. Robert FitzErneis, died at Hastings.
  27. Gerard the Seneschal.
  28. Ralf, or Rudolf Tancarville, the Chamberlain.
  29. Hugh, the Butler, alias Hugh d'Ivry.
  30. Pons.
  31. Richard FitzGilbert, alias Richard of Tonbridge and of Clare. <KD> <AR>
  32. Humphrey of Tilleul.
  33. Brian of Brittany.
  34. Alan the Red, brother of Brian of Brittany.
  35. Richard the Vicomte.
  36. Ranulf.
  37. Rolf Tesson.
  38. Fulk of Aunon.
  39. Robert de Mortain, Earl of Cornwall, brother of the half-blood to William. This name is added by Pine in Sons of the Conqueror, note 40. <KD> <AR>

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