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Arms of William IRecognized Companions of William the Conqueror

The list of companions of William the Conqueror recognized by the Augustan Society for the purpose of membership in the Society of Descendants of the Conquest in the Companion class is that given in Leslie G. Pine’s Sons of the Conqueror, published by Charles Tuttle Co., 1973, pp.155–157 (38 names), and one additional given in the same volume in Note 40, p.255. Twenty of these are also given in The Complete Peerage, Vol. XII, postscript to Appendix L (regarding the 1066 Battle of Hastings), “Companions of the Conqueror”, pp.47–48. The possible qualifying ancestors actually number fewer than 39, however, for only about a dozen have surviving descents.

In the following list the abbreviation <KD> means the companion has known descendants and <AR> means descent is given in Weis, Ancestral Roots.

Those recognized are:

  1. Robert de Beaumont, later Earl of Leicester. <KD> <AR>
  2. Eustace of Boulogne, who married Godgifu, sister of King Edward the Confessor. <KD> <AR>
  3. William of Evreaux, great-grandson of Richard I of Normandy.
  4. Geoffrey of Mortagne, afterwards Count of Perche, whose line later became extinct.
  5. William FitzOsbern, 1st Earl of Hereford. This line became extinct in the 14th Century.
  6. Aimery, IV Vicomte of Thouars. <KD> <AR>
  7. Hugh de Montfort. The male line extinct, but descendants of his daughter, Alice, exist. <KD> <AR>
  8. Walter Giffard, Lord of Longueville. <KD> <AR>
  9. Ralf de Toeni, Lord of Conches. His heiress married Guy de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick. From a descendant, Robert de Stafford, descended the Barons Stafford and the Gresleys of Drakelowe. <KD> <AR>
  10. Hugh de Grandmesnil, whose eldest son Robert succeeded to the Norman honor of Grandmesnil, which ultimately descended to the Earls of Leicester <KD> <AR>
  11. William de Warrenne. His grandson William, 3rd Earl Warren, left an heiress from whom descended the later family of Warrene, Earls of Surrey. <KD> <AR>
  12. William Malet, from whom descend the Malet baronets and the Mallets, formerly of Ash. This may be the only Companion of the Conqueror from whom male lines exist. <KD> <AR>
  13. Turstin FitzRou, who appears to have died without issue.
  14. Engenulf de Laigle, killed at Hastings. His son was Gilbert de Aquila.
  15. Odo, Bishop of Bayeux, later Earl of Kent, brother of the half-blood to William. He left illegitimate issue in France. <KD>
  16. Wadard, known to be present in William's army and was probably at Hastings.
  17. Vitalis known to be present in William's army and was probably at Hastings.
  18. Geoffrey, Bishop of Coutances, known to be present in William's army and was probably at Hastings.
  19. Tallifer.
  20. Pontivi nobilies Haeres.
  21. Gulbert d'Auffay, a kinsman of the Conqueror, known to be present in William's army and was probably at Hastings.
  22. Robert de Voitot.
  23. Roger, son of Turold. Died in Hastings campaign.
  24. Gerelmus of Panilleuse. Died at Hastings.
  25. Erchembald, son of Vicomte Erchembald.
  26. Robert FitzErneis, died at Hastings.
  27. Gerard the Seneschal.
  28. Ralf, or Rudolf Tancarville, the Chamberlain.
  29. Hugh, the Butler, alias Hugh d'Ivry.
  30. Pons.
  31. Richard FitzGilbert, alias Richard of Tonbridge and of Clare. <KD> <AR>
  32. Humphrey of Tilleul.
  33. Brian of Brittany.
  34. Alan the Red, brother of Brian of Brittany.
  35. Richard the Vicomte.
  36. Ranulf.
  37. Rolf Tesson.
  38. Fulk of Aunon.
  39. Robert de Mortain, Earl of Cornwall, brother of the half-blood to William. This name is added by Pine in Sons of the Conqueror, note 40. <KD> <AR>

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