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Member Privileges

as amended August 2018

The Council of the Order of the Augustan Eagle sets the privileges of membership. Reviewing and adjusting these privileges is done on an annual basis to reflect changes, economic trends, and staffing abilities of the Society. The privileges of Membership in Good Standing now include:

  1. Access to items in the Augustan Library of over 30,000 items, including books, journals, maps, pamphlets, prints, videos, photographs, etc.;
  2. Research and photocopying services are available if a member cannot visit the library in person; these services are provided to members at a 20% discount;
  3. May order at a 20% discount previous issues of all journals offered for sale, including:
    1. The Augustan
    2. The Augustan Omnibus
    3. Augustæum
    4. Chivalry
    5. The Colonial Genealogist
    6. Eastern & Central European Genealogist
    7. The English Genealogist
    8. French Genealogist
    9. Genealogical Library Journal
    10. Germanic Genealogist
    11. Heraldry
    12. Irish-American Genealogist
    13. Italian Genealogist
    14. The Journal of Ancient & Medieval Studies
    15. The Journal of Ancient Egyptian Studies
    16. The Journal of Heraldic Studies
    17. Journal of Royal & Noble Genealogy
    18. Nordmændene (Scandinavian studies)
    19. Scottish-American Genealogist
    20. Spanish-American Genealogist
  4. May receive a 20% discount on other items purchased from our headquarters, and also items offered for sale on our web site,;
  5. Members may join any of the Committees or Study Groups of the Society;
  6. Qualifying members may be elected Fellows of The Augustan Society;
  7. Qualifying Fellows may be appointed to membership in the Order of the Augustan Eagle;
  8. Qualifying members may be received as members of the Noble Company of the Rose;
  9. Members may obtain and wear, following the guides set by the Society, the medal of membership, miniature medal, lapel pin, rosette; and the insignia available for such groups in which they hold membership;
  10. Members may attend the invitational meetings, lectures, classes, and field trips which may be held;
  11. Members receive all mailings from the Society at first class, and for those overseas, by air;
  12. Members may register their personal coat of arms, that of an ancestor, corporate arms, or a badge or armorial banner with the Society at a price discounted by 20%;
  13. From time to times coats of arms registered with the Society are selected for inclusion in a published roll of arms (three published to date, and one in preparation, each of approximately 100 arms), hardbound, with arms registered by members being given priority in selection for each roll
  14. Members receive free advice on a wide variety of topics from genealogical research strategies, heraldic usage, Orders of Chivalry and knighthood, historical research in many topic areas, and in most all related areas;
  15. Members may obtain reprints of articles appearing in most of our publications at a 20% discount;
  16. Members may have copying services at a 20% discount;
  17. Members may submit free inquiries for publication which are directed to the appropriate publication;
  18. Members' manuscripts will have priority for publication in the journals published by the Society;
  19. Members may vote and hold office in the Society;
  20. Members may borrow some books, periodicals, and videos for home use, with the permission of the Society Librarian;
  21. Members are accorded the postnominal initials “FAS” if they are Fellows of the Society; or the postnominal initials “OAE” if they are members of the Order of the Augustan Eagle;
  22. Members receive a membership card and a handsome certificate of membership suitable for framing. (Note: All of the pendant groups of the Society also issue membership certificates.);
  23. Members wishing recognition of membership in a chivalric order my do so at a 92.5% discount for the first three such recognitions, and an 80% discount for subsequent recognitions;
  24. Members wishing recognition of a royal or noble title, or of personal nobility, may do so at a 20% discount;
  25. Members may take justifiable pride in belonging to a distinguished international Society.

The privileges listed above are those of Regular, Honorary, and Life Members of the Society (they do not apply to subscribers).

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