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Arms of the Society of Descendants of the Latin Kingdom of JerusalemSociety of Descendants of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem

The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem existed originally from 1099 to 1187. It was restored after the Third Crusade and lasted from 1192 to 1291, during which time it was also referred to as the Kingdom of Acre.

This society was founded in 1967 to further interest in, and show the contributions of, the Latin (Christian) Kingdom of Jerusalem as it existed during the period of the Great Crusades. It was believed by those founding this society that sufficient information was being distributed in the daily press, on television, radio, etc. for the Jewish and Arab positions in the Holy Land.

It was further believed that the Latin (Christian) contributions were being over-shadowed by the incessant warfare of the present contenders for this historical area of the Near East, and that by the presentation of articles, the furtherance of research, and the publication of materials concerning the Latin (Christian) Kingdom of Jerusalem, a more accurate point of view may be obtained.

The society is governed by a Dean, appointed by and answerable to the President of the Augustan Society.

Membership in the society is open to those who meet the following qualifications for each class of membership:

  1. Outremer Member: Those individuals who can prove descent from an ancestor who resided or fought in the Holy Land during the Crusades or during the existence of the various Latin Kingdoms of the Holy Land. These members submit their lineage from the ancestor, and pay the entry fee (covering a certificate and insignia), and a genealogist fee. As Outremer membership is based on descent it is important that the genealogical proofs submitted be as authoritative and clear in presentation as possible. You may submit more than one line of descent; however, for each additional line an additional genealogist fee must be paid. GED files are preferred, but not required.

  2. Crusader Member: These individuals must be recognized by the Society as belinging to an Order of knighthood having fought in the Crusades in the Holy Land, or being the legal successors of such Orders. A list of those orders recognized is here.

  3. Pilgrim member: Individuals applying in this class are to submit documentation showing proof of a religious pilgrimage to Jerusalem, or to the one of the countries of the Holy Land or of the Latin Kingdom (e.g.: Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Cyprus, or Turkey).

All members, in whichever category, will receive the certificate of membership and the insignia of the society. Members may belong to more than one class, and may apply for multiple classes for the same entry fee if done simultaneously.

The insignia of the society: Arms of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. The full arms of the society is as shown above. A lapel pin with only the inescutchon, shown at left, is issued for wear as a lapel pin or upon the ribbon of the medal of membership of The Augustan Society.

The entry fee is $100 for any number of classes at once; $50 for adding classes later; plus a Genealogist Fee of $4/generation for each lineage submitted, including corrections and extensions. Credit will normally be granted for well-accepted generations that are documented in Wikipedia. For additional information, or a petition for membership, please contact Headquarters.



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