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Those familiar with the Library collection have awaited it's return to availability with great anticipation. It is extensive, and occupies nearly 500 square feet (45 square meters). Half the space is library shelving, the other consists of boxes stacked head-high, awaiting cataloging.

The open shelving contains those books already cataloged. They comprise perhaps 13% of our collection. Access is available to researchers by appointment and to members my mail loan (most titles). Contact the Librarian to arrange for either.

The collection includes an estimated 30,000 books, manuscripts, card files, papyri, serials (journals, magazines, series), genealogical and other charts, prints, maps, pamphlets, videotapes, microfiche, correspondence, and historic documents.

Among the featured collections are:

  • Russell Clarke Collection—royal and noble biographies.
  • Bertita Harding, Countess Radertzky von Radetz Collection—containing many of the reference books she used in writing her many novels, some of which were made into feature films.
  • Hartwell Library—donated by Society Founder Sir Rodney Hartwell, containing a substantial collection of genealogical materials
  • Chris Velline Native American Collection—comprised of material on Native Americans, plus additional materials on Scandinavians.
  • Sir Crolian Edelen Collection—books on English research and genealogy.
  • John H. Nicholls Collection—books and papers of this prolific writer.
  • Robert Niles Collection—comprised of genealogical and historical works on New England.
  • HE The Chevalier David Garrison—chivalry.
  • Dr. Robert W. Y. Formhals—a select few but very rare items.
  • Candida Cleve Bannister—material on anthropology and archaeology.
  • Dr. Robert L. Cleve—Rome and the Ancient World.
  • Forest Barber—materials on royal and noble genealogy.
  • The Heraldry Collection—enhanced by the contributions of heraldic bibliophile, The Rev. James Parker.
  • Family History Collection—single-name books and collections covering over 30,000 families.

The Library also includes archives of various organizations:

  • The Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller
  • The Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem
  • The Supreme Military Order of the Temple (and other Templar groups)
  • The International Constantinian Order
  • The Order of St. Agatha (Paternó)
  • The Sacred Military Order of Constantine St. George of Naples
  • A file of honors bestowed by the late King Peter II of Yugoslavia
  • Smaller amounts of data on perhaps 300 other chivalric groups

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