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The Augustan Society Rolls of Arms

The Augustan Society has long maintained a registry of arms. Originally limited to members, it is now open to all, and totals over 400 heraldic achievements to date. This would be of very slight utility were the information not made public.

The first volume of the Augustan Society Roll of Arms was published in 1967, supplanted almost immediately by the second edition in 1968, which corrected some serious errors and added a number of additional achievements. Volume two was released in 1983, and a third volume in 1986, with a few select achievements depicted in color.

The Roll contains the name and dignity of the armiger, a blazon of arms (in the original language, where appropriate), and a full-page black & white drawing of the arms. Approximately 100 achievements were published in each of the first three volumes. At this time, all three are out of print, with used copies selling for substantially more than the original prices.

Work is in progress to reprint Volumes I through III in full color. That being completed, work will begin on Volume IV, which will cover members (and possibly non-members) who have registered since the publication of Volume III. Pricing and pre-publication ordering data will appear here once costs have been defined.


As time permits, arms from the first three Volumes are being uploaded to our Online Armorial, with an index and ordinary to help find arms of interest. This is at a very preliminary level at present, as arms are uploaded as the translations and colorizing is completed for entries in Volume I.


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