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The Augustan Omnibus is the official journal of The Augustan Society. It is published annually, in full color. Subscriptions are available here.

Subtitled “An international journal of chivalry, genealogy, heraldry, history, royalty, and nobility”, the Omnibus publishes articles on all of these and related topics, including the activities of the Society when of enduring value. History articles are generally related to one of the other topics, or they cover the period before AD 1600. Of particular interest are articles the explore the junction of several fields, such as the use of heraldry in genealogical research, the impact on orders of chivalry on the history of warfare, or numismatic heraldry (arms on coins). Also welcomed are topical news articles, particularly when they concern royalty or the workings of heraldic and chivalric offices.

The pages are also open to reviews of books, periodicals, web sites, software, and films. Letters that touch on previously published articles are also welcomed, especially when they can shed additional light or offer corrections. Genealogical queries, though largely a dying art in this age of the Internet, continue to be welcomed from subscribers.

What is not included? Political commentary, partisan attacks, and material of an ephemeral nature. News that will be important only temporarily, or only to members, is published in our monthly member newsletter, Augustæum.

The journal has gone by many names since publication begain in the mid-1960s, including:

  • The Royalist
  • Augustan Society Information Bulletin
  • Forebears
  • The Augustan
  • Augustan Society Omnibus

While the official description has varied in wording, the intent has been constant. To provide articles on all of the Augustan topics in a scholarly format.

At times, the publications of The Augustan Society were split among a number of different, specialized publications. Today, all of these, plus a number of publications previously unrelated, are combined into this single title. These include:

  • The Augustan
  • Augustan Newsletter
  • Augustan Society Information Bulletin
  • Augustan Society Omnibus
  • Be-Ne-Lux Genealogist
  • Chivalry
  • The Colonial Genealogist
  • ¿Cuestiones?
  • Eastern & Central European Genealogist
  • English Genealogist
  • Forebears
  • French Genealogist
  • Genealogical Library Journal
  • Germanic Genealogist
  • Heraldry
  • Irish-American Genealogist
  • Italian Genealogist
  • Journal of Ancient & Medieval Studies
  • Journal of Ancient Egyptian Studies
  • Journal of Heraldic Studies
  • Journal of Royal & Noble Genealogy
  • Nordmændene
  • Plymouth Colony Genealogist
  • The Royalist
  • Scottish-American Genealogist
  • Spanish-American Genealogist

At present, plans are to continue this as a merged publication, as it encourages cross-disciplinary studies and may inspire readers to explore topics unfamiliar to them.

The staff who produce the Omnibus is composed of:

  • Omnibus Editor Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE
  • Production Editor Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE
Anyone interested in joining the staff, in even a minor capacity, is urged to contact the Omnibus Editor.
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