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Badge of the Royalty & Nobility CommitteeRoyalty & Nobility Committee

A primary purpose of the Committee is the exploration and study of royal and noble houses. In addition, members are interested in the royalty and nobility of various cultures.

A continuing interest is that of descents from Charlemagne and William the Conqueror. Membership in lineage groups within the Society are available for those with descents from Irish royalty, Scottish royalty, or William the Conqueror.

This Committee is also responsible for advising the Board of Directors on recognition of titles of nobility and royalty. Members are advised than not all titles on offer are legitimate. This Committee will review and make recommendations to members on such upon request.

The Society's library is particularly rich in materials on royal lineages and biographies. Although the library is in the process of being cataloged, items can be retrieved for research or reference.

Cdr. Nicholas Hoffmann, FAS
Ernesto Anaya

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