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Heraldry Committee

The Heraldry Committee is responsible for most heraldic activities. Members are appointed by the Justiciar General.

Current members are:

Justiciar General (Chairman):
Cdr. Nicholas Hoffmann, FAS
Deputy Justiciar General (Vice-Chairman):
Arms Chancellor:
Vice-Justiciar for Canadian Heraldry:
Nicholas Hoffmann, FAS
Vice-Justiciar for American Heraldry:
Bruce A. Metcalf, RH
Vice-Justiciars for Scottish Heraldry:
Dustin Ashley
Vice-Justiciar for English Heraldry:
Brady Brim-DeForest, FSA (Scot), FRAI
Vice-Justiciar for Spanish Heraldry:
Ernesto Anaya
Maj. José E. Sánchez, USAF (Ret)
Heraldic Artist

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