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There have been many efforts to divide history into periods; some with few, some with many. We use a division of history into four parts:

Prehistory -- Defined as the period before records have survived. This is addressed primarily through the fields of archaeology and anthropology.

Ancient History -- Beginning with documented history, generally the Greeks and Romans, and continuing through the Dark Ages.

Medieval History -- From the beginning of the Renaissance to about 1500 and the beginning of the Age of Discovery.

Modern History -- From the discovery of the New World to the present.

The Society's primary focus is on Ancient and Medieval history. We do cover Prehistory primarily in the anthropological and archaeological collections in our Library. We also cover Modern History from the perspectives of Genealogy, Heraldry, and Royalty & Monarchy.

This isn't to say we shun other times and topics, but those who would study, say, the American Civil War would be well advised to seek elsewhere.

The History Committee exists to coordinate the historical projects of the Society, including the Society's own history and that of related organizations and individuals.



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