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Heraldic Activities of the Society

Heraldry has long been one of the Society's most interesting and decorative programs. Activities organized under the Heraldry Committee include operating the second-oldest arms registration office in the United States, and at present, the only such registry which will recognize noble and royal additaments. Other programs are described below, and still more are under development.

Heraldry Committee

Most heraldic operations of the Society are conducted by the Heraldry Committee. It is composed of a Justiciar General (Chairman), Assistant Justiciar General, Vice-Justiciars for various jurisdictions, Heraldic Artists, and Members at Large.

Members are appointed by the Justiciar General, and those interested in heraldry are encouraged to apply. Expertise in heraldry is not required, though obviously helpful, as this is also a learning environment.

Registration of Arms

The Heraldry Committee reviews petitions for the registration of arms. It includes experts on various national heraldic laws and traditions, plus heraldic artists.

Arms registration, for both Augustans and non-members, is conducted by careful review and creation of fresh artwork. The results include the registration itself, an illuminated Certificate of Registration, publication in the Online Armorial and the printed Augustan Society Roll of Arms, the fourth volume of which is now in preparation. Those wishing to register may submit a Petition for Registration.

The Augustan Society Roll of Arms

Begun in 1967, there have been three volumes published to date, with another in the works. The first three are long out of print, there are plans to reprint with the arms in full color.

The Online Armorial and Ordinary Study Group

This Study Group will post online all of the arms registrations granted by the Society since 1967. Progress is slow due to the need to scan and color the arms, and in many cases, translations are also needed. They will also create an Ordinary of Arms, permitting researchers to look up who might have a claim to any given shield.

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