Brush, Robert Edward de Brus

By Artist Unknown

Robert Edward de Brus Brush

Gules a St. Andrew's Cross Argent fimbriated Or in base a fleurde-lys Or all within a demi-bordure Or; on a chief Gules also within a demi-bordure Or a lion passant sexed double-queued Or gorged of a coronet of ten perarls langued and armed argent; for Crest: out of a crest coronet composed of fleurs-de lys five visible Or a demi-lion rampant double-queued Gules langued Argent and gorged with an antique coronet Or and tearing asunder his chains with alternating links Or and Argent; Mantling: Gules doubled Or; for Motto (above): Freedom; for Motto (below): For God and Country.

/Note: The lion in chief has traditionally been borne with the front paws slightly raised./

ASRA, 19 December 1966


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