Augustan Society, Inc.

By Artist Unknown

The Augustan Society, Inc.

Or gutté de sang an eagle displayed Sable enhaloed Argent; for crest, on a wreath of the colors a spur Or rowell upward leathered Gules buckled Or; mantling, Sable line Or goutté de sang; on a compartment Vert strewn of California poppies and acorns slipped all Proper with the motto "Heritage and Duty"; as supporters dexter, an herald visaged and bearded Proper vested in a tabard of the Arms, lined Gules wearing a cap Sable bearing four ostrich plumes alternating Sable and Or holding in the dexter hand gloved Gules a staff of office Or stockings Or shoes Sable and wearing a sword sheathed Gules; and sinister, a knight visaged Proper armored Argent garnished Or wearing a cloak Sable lined Or goutté de sang issuing from the helmet four ostrich plumes alternating Or and Sable grasping with the sinister hand the hilt Or of a sword Argent and on the dexter side a dagger hilted Or.

Badge: on a rectangle Or an eagle displayed Sable beneath the words "SOCIETAS AUGUSTANA" and above the date "MDCCCCLVII".

ASRA #100


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