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The Augustan Society provides an array of information resources available to the public, both through this web site and through the Augustan Library, including:

Committees and Programs

The Society has a number of senior committees to address each of the major areas of Society activity:

If in doubt, just contact Headquarters and we'll be happy to direct you.


The Augustan Society provides a varitety of services to both members and the public. These include:

Study Groups

The Society sponsors Study Groups on any number of related topics. These provide members the opportunity to connect with other members studying the same things, and to work collaboratively to assist one another, to write articles for publication, and to supply resourses for public use. These presently include:

Augustan Library

The Society maintains a library containing books, magazines, and other resources on our range of subjects, plus a collection of books written by Augustans.

The Library Catalog is open to the public, no registration is required.

At present, only about 20% of the collection has been cataloged, with work continuing as volunteer hours are available. At the present level of effort, this looks to be a work of decades, so patience and participation are both encouraged.

On Becoming a Member

If you take your field of study seriously, work to improve yourself, and seek to share what you have learned with others through articles, books, lectures, and support of other organizations; if you can assist and support your fellow Augustans in their scholarly works; if you can support the Society and its programs; if you desire to let the principles of chivalry and civilization shine through your life as an inspiration to others and as the fulfillment of your promise to yourself, then you are an Augustan.

To be an Augustan requires your passion, your scholarship, your support. If you're already an Augustan at heart, please join us.

Contact us

The Augustan Society, Inc.
PO Box 771267
Orlando, FL 32877-1267
United States


     Note: The Society no longer has a telephone.

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