What is The Augustan Society?

That is both a very simple question and a very complicated question, but a worthy one.

We are a group of scholars who focus in the fields of genealogy, heraldry, chivalry, royalty & nobility, and history with an emphasis on the period before 1600. Founded in 1957, we have published a journal the whole time, now titled The Augustan Omnibus, along with up to 17 additional titles in specialized areas. Almost all back issues remain available.

We have an extensive library collection in these fields of perhaps 20,000 volumes, presently being cataloged. For perhaps half our existence, we have had a public headquarters building where the library collection could be accessed. We also have a modest museum collection that is concentrated in medals, philately, and numismatics.

We have a number of projects in action at any given point in time, as represented by the arms and logos at the top of each page, which link to them directly. Right now our active programs include:
  • Descents from Antiquity, an effort to find genealogical links from Antiquity to modern genealogies.
  • An annual Convention with papers from both members and outsiders;
  • Registrations of Arms and the publication of a Roll of Arms;
  • The Heraldry Index Project aims to list all arms published by the Society, both in our Rolls of Arms and our publications, which should lead to a published Ordinary of Arms; and
  • A cataloging project to place our library catalog online for public access;
  • An outreach program to university history majors, offering them assistance in getting published;
  • And others in various stages of development.
Public education is also an ongoing activity, and time spent assisting individual researchers is a big part of that. At any given moment, we might be helping a genealogist with overseas research, a student of heraldry design his own arms, advising a prospect on which orders of chivalry to consider (and avoid), or responding to questions from the press about royal succession.
Our founder was wont to answer this question with, "What do you want it to be?" Not flip, this was his expression that the Society was many different things, depending on your needs. It also showed his willingness — which we gladly continue — to expand the Society in any direction our members were willing to work for.
Membership is open to those willing to become an active partner in these programs or others. If you're not yet sure about membership, then we invite you to subscribe to our journal for a time to get to know us better.

Welcome to the Society's Web Site

This web site has several purposes:

  1. To let people know what The Augustan Society is, and what we do;
  2. To offer subscriptions, back issues, and reprints through our Online Store; and
  3. To encourage those who are Augustans at heart to consider becoming members of the Society.

Not sure where to look? Click on the icons at the top of every page. These are randomly generated and will take you to the pages for major committees and subgroups of the Society. Even some long-time members may be surprised at what they find!

If you have questions that you can't find the answer to here, please don't hesitate to email us and ask. We will be happy to tell you about our Society, our products, and our membership.

On Becoming a Member

If you take your field of study seriously, work to improve yourself, and seek to share what you have learned with others through articles, books, lectures, and support of other organizations; if you can assist and support your fellow Augustans in their scholarly works; if you can support the Society and its programs; if you desire to let the principles of chivalry and civilization shine through your life as an inspiration to others and as the fulfillment of your promise to yourself, then you are an Augustan.

To be an Augustan requires your passion, your scholarship, your support. If you're already an Augustan at heart, please join us.

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